Probate Valuations in London

We understand that probate valuations often need to take place at difficult times, and as such we aim to provide a professional, considerate service that takes full account of your needs.

RT Clearance are experts in probate valuation and property clearance. We can provide a comprehensive probate valuation service, accompanied by the legal documentation which is sometimes required by HMRC in accordance with the Inheritance Tax Act (1984).

All probate valuation services include a full inventory and photographic record for efficiency and your peace of mind.

Services Provided

  1. Written probate valuations
  2. Valuation and onward sale advice
  3. Property clearances and disposal if required
  4. Disassembling of items and reassembly if required
  5. Removal or courier services
  6. Property cleaning services

Should you require assistance with property clearance also, you will find more details on our House Clearance services page and Probate Clearance service.

We can also provide reliable advice and assistance on where you can sell valuables such as antiques, jewellery or other collectables, as well as assisting you with making donations of items to charities or other social projects of your choice.

Please Note: In accordance with Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act (1984), any estimates of values will be based on an assessment of what those items might fetch on the open market (through auction etc) rather than the retail price.

The RT Clearance team are happy to discuss your requirements and reassurance throughout this process, and can be contacted directly here

So what exactly is probate valuation service?

Probate valuation refers to the process of determining the value of a deceased person's assets and liabilities for the purpose of administering their estate. This is usually required when someone dies and their estate is being passed on to beneficiaries through the probate process.

A probate valuation is carried out by a professional valuer and is typically based on the market value of the deceased person's assets, such as their property, personal possessions, investments, and financial accounts. The valuation also takes into account any liabilities, such as outstanding debts or mortgages, to ensure that the estate is distributed fairly among the beneficiaries.

Probate valuations are important because they help to ensure that inheritance tax is calculated accurately and that the estate is divided fairly among the beneficiaries. In some cases, probate valuations may also be required for legal or tax purposes, or for settling disputes among the beneficiaries.

It's important to note that probate valuations can only be carried out by professional valuers who have the necessary expertise and experience to provide accurate and impartial valuations.

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